Estampado Linea Progresiva

Stamping – Progressive Lines

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Progressive Presses from 100 to 1000 tons, able to run up to 200 SPM.

Steel Used: CR, HR, Galvanized, Galvannealed, SS, Al. Material thickness from 0.011” to 0.275, up to 130 KSI yield strength.

Estampados linea tandem

Stamping – Tandem Lines

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Two tandem lines in a range of 600 to 1600 tons.

Estampado Linea Robotica

Stamping – Robotic Line

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– Our robotic press line is designed to run Class A and B automotive parts.

Estampado linea de prensas manuales

Stamping – Manual Lines

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Flexibility to run manual tools in mechanical, double action and hydraulic presses. Able to stamp deep drawn parts up to 12”.

estampado blanking

Stamping – Blanking Line

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Our blanking lines can run up to 60 SPM.


Slitter Line

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Our slitter line can cut steel coils up to 52” wide.


Sheet Metal Line

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Line to manufacture low volume products and with a minimum initial investment. Capable to punch and bend sheets up to 108” long.

linea de pintura en polvo

Powder Coating Lines

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– For metal finish, we have the capability to paint in our robotic powder paint lines and enamel line.

lineas de ensamble

Assembly Lines

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Offering added value to our stamping operations, we have the capability to do welding assemblies. Our welding cells include; Spot, Stud, MIG & TIG welding. We are certified under the Canadian Welding Bureau CWB W47.1.

At Estampados Monterrey, Quality is our commitment, we are Certified under:

certified IATFInternational Standard IATF 16949: 2016, comply with all the requirements of the Automotive Industry.

Certificación CWBCertified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) standard CSA W47.1 which allow us to offer excellent quality welded assemblies.