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Estampados Monterrey, S.A. de C.V. belonging to the Lenomex Group was founded in 1999. It’s facility located in Santa Catarina, Nuevo Leon, Mexico has an area of 41,000m2 with a productive area of 13,500m2, equipped with cranes and connected to a railroad spur inside our productive area making all kinds of maneuvers possible.

Estampados Monterrey is the leader manufacturer of high and low volume metal stamping, deep drawn parts and assemblies.

During the years Estampados Monterrey has been the stamper of choice for local and international companies in a great variety of industries from agriculture and comfort products to automotive and aircraft components.

Our vision is to have more satisfied customers with a continuous integrated development in Estampados Monterrey.

We have established as our mission to contribute in the development of our customers, providing products and services that exceeds the requirements of quality and performance, sustaining a Continuous Improvement of Process and Development.

The vision and mission are fundamental on the principals and values that are our code of conduct for whom forms part of our firm.


Honesty and Integrity


Continuous Development
Attitude for service



Blvd. Diáz Ordaz Km. 339 Apdo. Postal 25, C.P. 66350
Santa Catarina, Nuevo León, México
+52 (81)8336.2665, (81)8336.0999, (81)8107.0054
Fax: +52 (81)8336.3040
Email: info@estampadosmty.com.mx


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